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We work in an increasingly complex global arena, where establishing a network of lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with qualified contractual partners is crucial to maintaining consistently high standards of product and service quality.

Why Choose Dental Siam?

Dental Siam Co., Ltd.

Focus on providing world class quality dental supplies to dentist and dental profession in Thailand .

One Stop Service

Dental-Siam provides virtually completed fields of dental products, ranging from X-Ray imaging, equipment, material, and components.

Highly Experienced Team

With more than 30 years experience in dental industry.

Excellent Service

We main tain supporting the training and seminars to overall and presenting new dental innovations to dentists.

Disinfecting and Sterilizing Instruments using the MELAG System Solution

MELAG provides individual system solutions for safe instrument decontamination processes in practice and clinic. The integration of MELAG products ensures efficient instrument reprocessing and highest protection for patients and clinic team. Discover the highlights of our top-quality products for instrument reprocessing – made in Germany:

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